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Guys love it when hookers give them blowjobs. Not just any blowjob, mind you. It has to be absolutely amazing, or else they won’t want to come back for a rerun. If you know you’re good at giving head but you want to become even better at it, we have some tips for you. We’re about to turn you into a blowjob expert!

Don’t rush it

There’s nothing worse than speeding up the whole oral sex experience. Your client will leave unsatisfied and he will write a negative review on your page. You want to avoid that, right? Then leave the pressure at the door and take your time when going down on your customer. Sex should never ever be rushed because in the end it’s all about quality rather than quantity.

Blow him at a slow pace, making sure you concentrate your attention on those parts of his dick that make him moan when you touch them with your mouth. If your client needs you to do it faster, he’s going to tell y ... Читати далі »

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